Saturday,October 09, 2010              1:23:08 PM
  • How to start a medical facility under Health Authority, Dubai Health Authority and Ministry of Health?
  • What are the steps to be taken to establish a medical facility in U.A.E.?
  • How to get a medical professional license from HAAD, DOH, and MOH?
  • What are the Basic requirements and qualifications to be licensed as a Medical professional in HAAD, DOH, and MOH?
  • Where to get the continuing medical education for licensing and renewals?
  • How to get exams in HAAD, DOH, and MOH?
  • Which are the medical professionals in terms of rare availability in U.A.E?
  • How to get the patient escort service for domestic and foreign clients?
  • How to become a school nurse?
  • General enquires related to all issues in health care facilities and professionals,
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